Adam and Eve Diet

My husband and I like to call this the Adam and Eve Diet since we believe God created man as we are today and we don’t have any gene that is linked to the “Caveman.” So, now that that is all out of the way, let’s begin!

My name is Ally, and I started eating this Paleo Diet back in June. Ben brought it up one day as he was studying for his CrossFit certification, and I resisted not sure how anyone in their right mind could give up wheat, grain, dairy, sugar, and all those wonderful things that go along with that. I really love carbs! But as I read about the Paleo Diet, and we started trying recipes from, I fell head first into this way of life. I started to notice differences in how I felt, how my body looked, and how I saw food. I’ve never been super unhealthy, but Ramen, mac-n-cheese, frozen pizzas, processed snacks, and cereal were common staples in our pantry. Little by little we purged our kitchen and replaced it with Adam and Eve friendly foods. The diet prescription is pretty easy and more information can be found on if you click on the “nurtrition” link.

I’m still discovering this little passion I didn’t know I had about cooking healthy meals that taste better than good ol’ mac-n-cheese and cup o’ noodles! So all that to say, I’ll be posting recipes weekly, and I hope you are encouraged to explore a healthy way to eat and live so that in HIM (IdoG) we may experience that life that is TRULY life!


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